Piano Lessons with Miss Kate

Piano Instruction

Piano Lesson in Rochester NY

Piano lessons are completely customized to each individual student. I use several methods, and sometimes no method at all. Students are motivated to practice music they enjoy, so finding that is in some ways my most important task. Students have access to my library of classical, jazz, popular and new age music.  

Creative Skills

Piano Lesson in Rochester NY

I like to incorporate improvisation, composition and/or music arranging in the lessons of students who are interested in these topics. We learn about chords, improvisation techniques, and how to make the sheet music that they have more simple or complex.

Confident Performance

Piano Lesson in Rochester NY

Students have the opportunity to participate in two performances each year. I teach students what it means to be properly prepared for a performance, and I help students who find it difficult to perform in front of an audience develop tools that will help them play more confidently.